Specialist Accountancy Services for Dentists

Our accountancy services for dentists will ‘drill down’ into the heart of your business, letting you save money, and focus on what’s important – your practice.

At NextGen Accounting we understand the needs of your business as a dental professional. In a rapidly changing sector, it’s vital to ensure that you are making the most tax efficient decisions when it comes to running your practice.

We provide a full range of accounting services to dentists throughout the UK, and fully understand the challenges you face while running your business.
NextGen Dentist

Tax Planning for Dentists

With our wealth of experience in working with dentists we can help you to make the right decisions that will benefit both your practice and our personal income, ensuring that your tax bills are kept to a minimum.

Whether you are an associate or principal, we offer services that range from consulting with you on the best structure for your business.

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Accountants for Your Dental Practice

Unlike many online accounting services, we are fully qualified accountants. We are fully regulated and are able to provide you with full professional advice to enable you to make choices that will ensure that you are both fully compliant with the HMRC, while also being tax efficient.

Our specialist dental accounting services are tailored to help dentists throughout their entire career. From helping newly qualified associates to choose the right company structure, to helping you to plan for retirement, we are here to support dentists every step of the way, allowing you to get on with the job you love.

Ensure you are claiming research and development capital allowances where possible for your business.

NHS Superannuation Advice

As a dentist practicing across both private and NHS practice, it can be difficult to get to grips with how your pensions work. At NextGen Accounting, our accountants work with you to ensure that you are making the best return on your pension payments while ensuring compliance with maximum contributions.